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Packing Tips and Helpful Hints

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]Often consumers will choose to perform the packing of their household goods themselves.  It is a worthwhile way to save money on your relocation expense.  It is our hope at In and Out Movers that the following tips will help you to not only save money but to ensure your things are packed properly to ensure their safe transit.

Packing Materials

In & Out Movers can supply you with the following materials that will best protect and safeguard your precious possessions.  These materials are available for purchase, call our office for details.

  • Dishpack 5.2 carton:  Heavy duty carton used to pack dishes, china, stereo equipment, crystal, glassware and fragile table lamps.
  • 1.5 Small carton:  Used for heavy items such as books, CD’s, DVD’s, small tools and small kitchen appliances.
  • 3.0 Medium carton:  Often used for small kitchen appliances, pot & pans, toys, power tools, clothing.
  • 4.5 Large carton: Used for pots & pans, linens, towels, toys, lamp shades, clothing.
  • Wardrobe cartons: Contains a “hanger bar” that allows clothing and drapes to be transported while remaining on hangers.
  • Mirror/Picture carton: Telescoping carton used for pictures, mirrors, glass table tops.  Often used with “Paper Pads”
  • Stretch Wrap:  Clear plastic on 1,500’ roll to protect furniture from dirt and also used as an inexpensive but effective way to protect mattresses.
  • 2” Tan Sealing Tape: Used to seal cartons for safe transit.
  • Unprinted Newsprint Paper: Used to safely wrap all items that are packed into cartons.  Provides the most economic and optimum protection against damage